Chromatic Whistle (Head joint)

The Chromatic Whistle is a specially designed mouthpiece (head joint) that fits into a Boehm style flute body giving you the ability to play a full chromatic scale for over two octaves. We now offer a low version (flute body) and a high Version (piccolo body) Designing this mouthpiece was a very complex process. It comes with a complete flute as well as the mouthpiece. The original mouthpiece is molded plastic, and we now have an upgrade made from aluminum and delrin. The head joint is available by itself, or with various levels of flutes. We highly recommend getting one with a flute as this will ensure a perfect fit and perfect tuning.

All our hand made Irish whistles are custom made to order. That way you can choose the options that you would like.  Each of our whistles are carefully hand tuned to concert pitch A440. is proud to hand craft each and every instrument we sell. Nick Metcalf carefully makes each instrument to order. We currently make all kinds of Irish whistles, Tin whistles, Low Whistles, Penny Whistles, Irish Flutes, Celtic Flutes, Irish low whistle, Tin Whistle, Penny Whistle, Low D Whistle, Low C Whistle, High D Whistle, Low D Irish Whistle, Low D Tin Whislte. We are confident that you will loave playing our fin irish whistles and flutes. If you are looking for a great instrument that is easy to learn and play, then you have come to the right place. the Low D Irish whistle is probably our top seller, although the High D is very popular as well. Our tin whistles and flutes are played by professional and amateur musicians all over the wolrd. We love the haunting sound of the Low Whistle, and think you will also enjoy listening and playing the low whistle. It has a unique and mellow sound that is similar to a flute but nothing compares to the sound of the low whistle.